Information based on the functions at Singapore Changi Internasional Airport. Including free resting spots and 10 of the best places to eat in Singapore.
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How to Use Changi for Businessman

Mr. Shin and Changi

Seven hours after leaving Japan, finally the plane made a smooth touchdown at Changi Airport. But O My God! It was not a picnic! I sat inside the business class, thank god! But even so, sitting for hours without able to move freely, can be exhausting, physically and mentally. I still have another 6 hours to gather my strength before have to leave again to Jakarta. But thinking how 8 companies of rivals already waiting for me to compete, made me all tense.

  • 08:00 Drop by at the Information Counter
    First thing first. I had to see whether there's any development concerning the job, and then contact the head office. A visit to "Information" seemed like a good idea.

    * Information Counter
    They are at the east, the middle, and the west side of Terminal 1, one counter in each. And at Terminal 2, look to the north and the south side, two counters in each. It's best to go there if you looking for information about facilities or about any procedures inside the airport.

  • 08:30 Collecting Data
    According to the Information, newspapers are at the bookstore, internet connections are at the Internet Corners in every Transit Area, and TVs that air news are near Nexus Lounge at Terminal 1.

    * Times News Link Bookstore
    It 6 shops available on both Terminal 1 and 2; some shops are open 24 hours. Most of the books are English books, novels, and magazines but the newspapers collection are in English (obviously), Chinese, Malay, Japanese, an other languages.
    More over, they also got complete stationaries in the store.

    * Internet Corner
    You can find Internet Corners easily spread inside the Transit Area.
    The OS is in English only but you can use it freely. And if you bring your notebook and LAN cable, all you have to do is connect it to the LAN connector.
    I sent mail to Japan on November 2005 in daytime. The speed was about 500kbps and there're no problem what so ever.
    The good thing is, if you have an account in StarHub (, you can connect wireless to the internet anywhere inside the airport.

    * Nexus Lounge
    We can watch international news program such as CNN around the Nexus Lounge as well as inside the Lounge. The Lounge it self is on the east and center of Terminal 1.

  • 10:00 Rest Inside a Pay-Lounge (admission fee is necessary)
    I then proceed to a pay-lounge to take a long rest. Before, I've gotten my hand on some news from newspaper and TV, and also contacted my office via internet.

    * Rainforest Lounge(
    It's at the end west of Terminal 1, level 3. There we can find lounge, shower, fitness/gym, and jacuzzi. Massage and "shiatsu" (Japanese finger-pressure therapy) are also part of their services.
    Unlike other usual rest areas, inside this lounge we can enjoy a full rest because no airport-announcement voice or other loud noise are getting in. You have to consider a good rest if you about to take a long journey. Take this chance to avoid excessive work.

    Psst. There is also "Plaza Premium Lounge" (, a lounge for all, a lounge where we can have equal service. In here, they don't care about our airline, class, and airline membership.

  • 11:00 Tidy Oneself At a Beauty Salon
    In a presentation, the attitude and appearence, is as important as the speech. So I tidied myself in a beauty salon.

    * TranSpa
    Both Terminal have beauty salon "TranSpa" that not only do our hair but also give services such as massage, aromatherapy, and manicure. Hair cut is from $31.0, reflexology is from $39, and massage is from $63. Opening hours is 11am - 9pm. Keep in mind that it doesn't starts to open until about eleven "noon".

  • 12:00 A Stroll
    I was supposed to meet Mr. Marowa, my co-worker from company group, before heading to Jakarta. I still have some time before the appointment time, so I decided to walk around the airport.

    * Dufry(
    The stores are spread inside the airport. They sell things for travellers like computer recording divice, dryer, and shaver. Big stuffs like computer, mini compo and DVD player were also insight. One shop is specialized in selling camera and photo equipment only.

    I went to Fern Garden to meet Mr. Marowa. I found him already waiting for me there. He immediately recognized my face, and then smiled and welcomed me.

    * Fern Garden
    It is on the north area of Terminal 2, fill with all kinds of fern which their stems grow to level 3. Quite immpressive how inside the hightech airport we can also see and feel nature.
    Beside this particular garden, there are also Cactus Garden, Sunflower Garden, and many more.

  • 12:30 Recharge Energy with Singaporean Lunch.
    I had lunch with Mr. Marowa. The food court in here are fill with Singaporean famous dishes.

    * Food Court
    It's on level 3. We can choose what ever food we like from the stalls. The famous Chicken Rice and "Bah Kut Tea" was about $8.0.

  • 13:00 Prepare for The Flight
    Recharge completed, and I was ready as I can be for the battle (the presentation, that is). My company Research Team and Planning Team have done their utmost to make this masterpiece I'm holding. I can't think of any other material that better than this that will help my presentation.
    I was also in my top shape, thanks to the rest I took.

    OK then. The time had come. Ready or not, here I come, Jakarta!

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