Information based on the functions at Singapore Changi Internasional Airport. Including free resting spots and 10 of the best places to eat in Singapore.
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How to Use Changi for Couple

Gi's Honeymoon

After the romantic honeymoon I spent in Singapore city, I only have 6 hours left before flying back to China. But even with that little time, I still succeeded to have one more wonderful memorable time with my new husband in Changi airport.

  • 10:45 After rechecking the departure time and place
    After rechecking their departure time and place, they'll probably want to relax and maybe feeling hungry before their departure. Talking about feeling hungry, even though they had breakfast in their hotel, there is still 6 hours left before their plane takes off. Until that time, they will want to relax their exhausted body in Changi airport. But first, they should have lunch. Is there any restaurant with a great view from inside? Yes there is!

  • 11:00 Eating lunch in a cafe that is bright inside.
    There is an open Italian Cafe with a casual atmosphere, which prepares crust fragrant pizzas ($ 7), soft pizza rolls, muffins ($ 3), et cetera. The couples can also order salad ($ 8), this salad is made from fresh vegetable from the market. Not only salad, they can also order fresh juice, which is recommended for vegetarians, and a cup of coffee.
    The couples are discussing what they want to order while facing the front window of the cafe. At last, they order a pizza purred with mozzarella and blue berries, and also a cup of coffee each. But that's not all, they found a good spot to eat in the cafe. With a large dining room just in front of them and a bright light shinning through the window, as if they are on a terrace. In front of them is an excellent view of line a line of planes, lining according to their positions. The couples are very excited about this view.

  • 12:10 Shopping

    * RISIS
    Orchid, the Singapore's national flower, is used to make accessories in this store. The accessories are quite famous as souvenirs. The orchid is put inside a crystal glass. That is why we call it the orchid in the crystal. An orchid placed in a circle crystal glass is also available. In this store, there are plenty of souvenirs. You can but a miniature of Singapore's Marion, postcards, aromatherapy, and candles are also displayed.
    There are pierced earring souvenirs for your friends, or maybe candleholders might interest you. There are also orchid in crystal for your honeymoon souvenir. And for your family, you can give them a miniature of Marion. "we can buy those things later, after our trip, but first lets go to the smoking area" says the husband.

  • 12:40 After lunch, it would be nice to light a cigarette.

    * Smoking Area
    The smoking area is surrounded by green cactus, and there is a mini bar that cheers up the atmosphere. The smoking area, which is an open space, is a place where we can enjoy smoking as much as we want. We can say " this is a small yard in a vast airport". In the afternoon the temperature is very hot, but at night, it is cool.
    At last we have reached the smoking area. This is great, we can smoke while watching at the blue sky". The wife won't be bored because she ca
  • n enjoy the views of the cactus mini garden until the husband finishes smoking. "Well, let's take a walk".

  • 12:50 enjoying day walk on the outdoor terrace and enjoying sake

    * Cactus garden
    The cactus garden is a beautiful garden, which was awarded the "Singapore garden" in 2001. Here, we can see 40 kinds of cactus, collected from all over the world. In the alley, you can see a line of cactus, which is famous because it can cheer up your mood, and also great for a walk in the daytime.

    * Harry's Bar
    Behind the cactus garden, there is a standing bar where we can watch the runway and watch planes landing. Of course, they have beers such as gin ($11) and Martini's ($ 12) and they also have fresh juice ($ 2), soft drinks ($ 1.6), and other choices of drinks. The view of the runway on the right is very romantic at night because there are so many lights blinking.
    If we walk in through this alley, we can see many unique cacti. They are so beautiful that it can make our day more cheerful. Well, we have walked all day, why don't we stopover at the bar. Cheers! Drinking under the light bright sun of Singapore will make you sweat, so it is better to drink cold beer.

  • 14:00 Window Shopping
    After enjoying sake, it's about time to go back to terminal 2. On the way, why don't we go for a shop. From famous fashion brand such as: Barnerry Gucci, and Swarovski. How about sake or cigarette, which we can buy in DFS Venture. Or may be Electronic from Boon & Co. There are so many great stores to enjoy by male and female, you won't realize that you are already at the end of the terminal.

  • 15:00 Relax at "My Foot Reflexology"

    * My Foot Reflexology
    After they're tired walking, the couple wants to relax for their recreation. The atmosphere in this reflexology room is great because there is a soft orange candle' light. Men like this place so much, because they can massage their tired shoulder and neck. It is a light reflexology; it costs $ 18 for 20 minutes. The aromatherapy or foot bath costs $24. The rest of the body can also be massaged.
    There is a part of the shop which is overlooked, we can find a man who receive orders to massage shoulders. It feels really good! After drinking a harborti tea, and then taking a massage; it makes me want to sleep. While massaging my foot, the massager gives me tips about massage. For men who wear a high heels in many occasions, it is best to have a foot bath for 30 minutes every day "Because, your feet will easily be bloated, and you shouldn't drink too much water" said the massager. "O.k, I will be careful" said me.

  • 15:30

    * Movie Theater
    The theater is located on the 3rd floor of terminal 2. They show movies in the morning, noon, night and midnight. In front of the entrance, we can read the show schedule. For passengers it's free! "There are 3 hours left before departure. I am full, we've done shopping, so what are we going to do for the time remaining?, because I don't want to fall asleep".

  • 17:30
    It's about time to enter the passenger door. After all of the procedures are done, we have to go to the departure gate. We had an enjoyful time until our departure. In the future, I want to come with our children. "Alright darling" said the wife.

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