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How to Use Changi for Mom

This is how new mom, Chantika, spending her time at Changi

I'm coming over to Singapore with my 1 year old baby to see my husband who's been transferred to the office in Singapore. It's the first time in three months. I can imagine a big smile on his face when he look at our daugter. I just can't wait to see it!

  • 01:00 Checking In at Transit Hotel
    It's late at night when her plane arrived at Changi, so she stayed at Transit Hotel in Terminal 1. Mom choose a room with shower and toilet in it, cause she has a child in her care.
    It's a good thing that there's also Transit Hotel at Terminal 2, Terminal that located near all kind of shops, restaurant, and facilities. But the hotel was full booked when I tried to reserve it a week ago. So book it fast, as soon as you know you're going to Singapore.

    * Transit Hotel (
    「The official name is "Ambassador Transit Hotel". It's located inside the airport on Terminal 1 & 2 on level 3. You can choose from two types available. "Standard Room" with private bathroom & toilet, or "Budget Room" where you'll have to join bathroom with other guests (man & woman have seperated bathroom). The time you stay here is counted per 6 hour. You have to pay in advance, and you can use any major credit cards.

    In my case, I had to check-in to a hotel before passing immigration. For cases like this, remember one thing! You can only receive the baggage back from the plane trunk "after" you get through immigration!
    That's why you have to remember to pack the diaper, milk bottle, spare clothes, makeups, and other necessary stuffs as a hand baggage.
    When you travel and stay somewhere with a baby on your care, the wet area will become very important. So I think you'll be plesed to know that the toilets and bathrooms of the hotel are clean. You'll get 3 bath towels, 3 face towels, and soap. Shampoo & conditioner inside one bottle also provided by the hotel. So if you like a seperate conditioner, you have to bring your own.
    The power of the dryer is .... okay, I guess. My hair is long, about 20 cm longer from my shoulder. It took about 20 minutes to dry it out. But better than nothing.
    After the baby fell asleep. I opened my notebook and e-mail my friend.

  • 07:00 Take a walk with the baby with a stroller
    I checked-out from the hotel and went to Terminal 2. The floor are all on the same level, so as long as you have the stroller, you are mobile. Don't forget to get yourself an airport map before you go. The japanese edition also available.
    Finnaly, I reached the famous "Sky train". They say moving from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 only gonna take 85 seconds (83 seconds, according to my watch). Fast, isn't it?

  • 07:30 The place for breast-feeding and diaper change
    If you just get off from Terminal 2, you'll see Mercedes-Benz's sign board. Right behind it is the "Nursery Room".

    * Nursery Room
    It is the room where you can change your baby's diaper and breast-feed the baby. No charge, of course. Although there are also toilets that provide baby beds where we can change the diaper, the Nursery Room is more clean and there's water heater and benches where you can sit comfortably and feed the baby.

    I entered the Nursery Room. I took the hot water. Next is getting the breast-milk bottle and milk powder out from the hand bag. Ugh... but got to take off the hook first.
    The folding bed for the baby is made claverly. I can easily fold and unfold it with one hand. Use the belt to keep the baby safe! The red bench is so comfy that before I realize it my baby has finished the milk.
    By the way, I forgot to say that you also can lock the door from inside by one hand only. I have say thanks to the person who made it.

  • 08:00 Buying Diapers
    I was out of diaper, so I went to the pharmacy, buy my self diapers, wet tissue, baby powder, baby oil, "fever reducer sheet", and cold medicine.
    You can find chinese tea and plenty of health food too. Before I knew it, I bought all bunch of stuffs.
    Actually there are also clinics in the airport. You can say that it is like a small hospital. When necessary, come here, and ask for help to the lady officer.

  • 08:30 Buying milk powder and baby food
    I went to 7 Eleven. Beside water and cookies, milk powder also available on the rack. Right next to it you can find Internet Corner and Food Court. This Terminal 2 is very good, I can tell you that!

    * 7 Eleven
    A convenient store that ia abviously open 24 hours. There are drink, snacks, stuffs for travel like suitcase, even medicines.

    Guess what! When I visited Chinese Medicine Store, "Sinchong Meheco", I saw some baby food too! They also have chicken porridge, fish porridge, and vegetable porridge, that looks good and healthy. O wait! Even chinese traditional medicine for beauty. Let see... which one should I buy first?

    * Sinchong Meheco
    Selling chinese herbs medicine and other health-care food. Almost all chinese medicines you can find inside Singapore city, are in this one shop. If you're interested to try, they have packages with reasonable price for you.
    The shop staff might approach you when you enter, so if you have anything to discuss about your health problem, fell free to do so, Hear what they got to say about it.

  • 09:15 Rest my feet at a cosy coffee shop
    Walking around the airport made my feet a little tired. I think a little rest will do me good. There's still sometime before I had to meet my husband.
    There's a casual coffe shop near the Koi Pond. If the little one start to cry, all you have do is take him to see the koi. I bet she will stop crying and start smiling.
    The price in this coffe shop is quite reachable. Probably that's why the shop was full of customers. Are you hungry? You can buy juice and breads here. Hmm... maybe I'll have a bite myself...
    Oh, no! Look at the time! Papa might already waiting for me. Gotto go now. Until next time!

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