Information based on the functions at Singapore Changi Internasional Airport. Including free resting spots and 10 of the best places to eat in Singapore.

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How to use CHANGI
If you can't decide what to do, or you just want to taste the real changi a bit, why don't you take a free online tour of Changi International Airport produced by our research team.
  • How to Use Changi for Businessman.
    Hello. Allow me to introduce my self. My name is Shin, a japanese businessman.
    I work 25 hours a day, back and forth between Indonesia and Japan! Luckily it is Changi that's in between. At here, I can pretend that Changi is my office and continue my work easily. And if I got the sparetime, I use it to have a good time here.

  • How to Use Changi for Couple.
    Hi. I'm Gi. My husband and I came to China on our honeymoon.
    We had so much fun together here, that Singapore has become my favorite country! Take a look at our romantic times, and see if you are interested to follow our footstep.

  • How to Use Changi for Mom.
    I'm Chantika, a very happy new mother. It is very nice to meet you all.
    I came from Indonesia to meet my husband. He got sent here by his office from Indonesia. It' been 3 months since he saw our new borned child. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees me with our child. Wanna see me my baby spending our time in Changi before meeting with my husband?

Information about Changi’s delcious meal even for a gourmet
We have everything from a convenience store to a big - name brands

Wanna play in the airport? come and join us
If you need a rest, just come here.

Changi International Airport is the best
airport in the world. Why? that’s because..
Have you checked here already?
then there’s nothing to worry about.
Internet, Post office, Information Counter and more! useful service & facilities
Shops, acces, facilities.. everything is on it. You won’t get lost with this